Danish company advises Vietnam’s manufacturers to install cobots

Yokota Corporation’s staff programming a collaborative robot from universal robots. — Photo Universal Robots

To address skills and labor shortage in Vietnam, the Danish manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms, Universal Robots has advised Vietnamese manufacturers to implement cobots, media The Star reports.

Cobots (collaborative robots) is a robot intended for direct human-robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity. A cobot can work 24-hour a day and produce consistent work without rest.

According to James McKew, Regional Director of Asia-Pacific in Universal Robots, “Safety is imperative and has become the cost of entry into the cobot market now. Universal Robots believes in developing affordable, lightweight, and flexible robots that could deliver a rapid return on investment for the manufacturing industry.”

The manufacturing sector plays a vital role in driving Vietnam’s economy and last year it accounted for 5.82 percent of the country’s economy.

“By lowering the automation barrier within the reach of manufacturers who never thought that they could deploy robots due to cost and complexity, we hope to help Vietnam’s industries realize higher productivity and maintain effective utilization of their plants,” James McKew added.

It is expected that the cobots’ market in the Asia-Pacific will surpass the market in Europe this year because of the large-scale manufacturing industries including the automotive, electronics, and metals sectors which are increasingly installing cobots.

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