Danish embassy in Singapore greets five Danish adventure cyclists

Ambassador Sandra Jensen Landi greets the five Danish adventure cyclists with Danish beer.

The Danish embassy in Singapore greeted five Danish adventure cyclists on Sunday 10 March 2024 as they had reached the goal of their journey from Istanbul to Singapore. The five Danes, Casper, Erik, Mikkel and Espen, started their journey 215 days ago in Istanbul and they have since then cycled 21.980 kilometers through 15 countries, making Singapore the 16th and last country.

The Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore, Sandra Jensen Landi, and Annette Østergaard Jørgensen, Head of Public Diplomacy & Partnerships at the embassy, welcomed them in the embassy residence on Sunday at 14 o’clock, where the Danes were met with Danish flags and cold, Danish beers.

They had a good talk about their seven months of travels, and the five Danes explained how they achieved to travel on a small budget by sleeping in a tent and being hosted by Munks in temples along the way. The Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore has arranged for two Danish host families to take them in, while they are staying in Singapore.

On their Instagram @verdenpaastorklinge the five Danes declare, that they only have four bicycles, one tent, one pair of clothes and one pair of cycling clothes to make it through their seven months long journey. On their journey through South East Asia they have passed through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. The Danish adventurers from Vejle have gained a lot of attention on social media and 11.000 people are now following their journey home on Instagram.

Casper, Erik, Mikkel and Espen will start the last part of their journey from Rome to their hometown Vejle on wednesday. They expect the journey home to be 2000 kilometers long and take them 14 days to finish.

You can follow the last part of their journey and watch what they have experienced in the last seven months on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

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