Danish ex-PM and NATO Secretary General to visit Taiwan: Taiwan is a lighthouse for freedom

Anders Fogh Rasmussen was the Prime Minister of Denmark from 2001-2009 and Secretary General of NATO from 2009-2014. He will travel to Taiwan on 3 January to meet with the Taiwanese President. Photo: BT

Former Danish Prime Minister and secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has confirmed he will be visiting Taiwan from 3 to 5 January. This was reported by Danish tabloid media, BT.

The visit will take place in relation to the organisation Alliance of Democracies Foundation of which Fogh is Chairman.

In a press release, published by Fogh’s company, Rasmussen Global Consulting, Fogh said the visit will focus on democratic world support for Taiwan and closer relations between EU and the East Asian country.

– The changes in Taiwan during the past 30 years have been massive. Apart from evolving into an economic force and being critical for global supply chains, the country has flourished as a democracy. It is now a lighthouse for freedom in both the region and in the world.

During his visit to Taiwan, Fogh will meet with parliamentarians, civil societies and democracy activists along with Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-Wen, the Vice President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For the moment, the situation between Taiwan and China is extraordinary unpleasant which gained increasingly strength after Chairman of House of Representatives of the American Congress, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan in August 2022.

The visit was seen as a symbol of the American support for Taiwan, and since then, China has increased its military exercises in the area.

The Island is a country with its own constitution, democracy, government and army although China claims Taiwan is a part of Chinese Republic, and that the majority of the populations wants independence.

Anders Fogh has experienced disputes with China as well and was denied access to the Chinese Republic in 2021 due to his Chairmanship of Alliances of Democracies Foundation.

Denmark leads a so-called one-China-policy meaning the country diplomatically recognizes China but not Taiwan.

Source: https://www.bt.dk/politik/anders-fogh-besoeger-taiwan-et-fyrtaarn-for-frihed-i-verden

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