Danish Institute of Human Rights offers police training in Jakarta

The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM), in co-operation with the Danish Institute of Human Rights, is holding a human rights training for police officers here on June 20-24, 2022.

“Correct understanding of human rights for the police is very important for promoting and enforcing human rights conducted by the police,” Acting Head of the Bureau for the Advancement of Human Rights at Komnas HAM Mimin Dwi Hartono noted in a statement here, Tuesday.

Hartono remarked that increasing the capacity of police officers on human rights is a priority for Komnas HAM, as most of the complaints received by the Commission from the public concerned the police.

The human rights training is being organized at the Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement Co-operation (JCLEC) and attended by 20 police officers in charge of investigation and crimes.

The participants come from the Yogyakarta Police, Central Java Police, East Java Police, and the National Police’s Education and Training Institute (Lemdiklat).

The trainings held at JCLEC, so far, only concerned police duties, including detectives, anti-terrorism, demonstration handling, and female police. However, no training on human rights for police officers had ever been conducted.

“This human rights training is being held for the first time at JCLEC,” he remarked.

Hartono expressed optimism that through this training, the participants would be able to develop a broader understanding of human rights, so that it will be useful in conducting their duties on the field.

Komnas HAM has issued norms and regulatory standards (SNP) that will assist the police in understanding human rights specifically and in the implementation process, he added.

“The SNP on the right to justice will serve as a reference and material in this training,” he stated.

One of the training participants from the Yogyakarta Police, Daniel Nugroho Putro, expressed optimism that through this activity, police officers would better understand human rights and apply them appropriately.

“We want to better understand human rights and be able to apply them in the workplace,” he stressed.

Source: Antara

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  1. I think the police education here in New York City, NY, is doing great. As mentioned in your post, regulation standards (SNP) will aid police in understanding human rights and in the implementation process. When police are under proper training and education, we will have better community service and gain the trust of many civilians.

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