Danish Lukas Graham collaborates with Vietnamese artist on bilingual song

The Danish band Lukas Graham has recently collaborated with the talented Vietnamese artist Vũ and released a new bilingual version of the song “Happy For You”.

In a recent interview, Vietnamese media Vietcetera had a chance to talk to Lukas Graham, the lead singer, to hear his thoughts on Happy For You and the band’s collaboration with Vũ.

Lukas Graham is perhaps most known for their 2016 hit songs “7 years” and “Love Someone” which earned the band international fame and two Grammy nominations. 

Their latest single “Happy for you” is an emotionally created single released earlier this year and the song is about the pain brought on after a breakup.

Lukas Graham has previously collaborated with other Asian artists on “Happy for you” including Indonesian artist Hanin Dhiya and Chinese Janice Vidal. In the latest version, Vietnamese Vũ brings a Vietnamese element to the song and lead singer Lukas Graham says that it was beautiful hearing Vũ’s interpretation of some of his words on top of the tremolo effect he creates when he sings.

Lukas explains that the song isn’t necessarily about romantic relationships, the lyrics don’t really restrict in that way. It can also be about friendship and friends who are no longer in our lives.

Read the full interview with Lukas Graham here and listen to the bilingual version of “Happy for you” here.

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