Update on restrictions for travelers to Norway from Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand


The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore updates on the recent easing of travel restrictions regarding travelers to Norway from Singapore and Taiwan. The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok clarifies that the new rules do not apply to Thailand.

What it means for travelers from Singapore and Taiwan, the Embassy writes:

With effect from 5 July, travelers to Norway from Singapore and Taiwan will no longer have to serve travel quarantine at a quarantine hotel but will be allowed to serve travel quarantine at their place of residence in Norway. 

Fully vaccinated people and those who have had Covid-19 in the past six months are exempt from entry quarantine duty provided that they can document their status on the Norwegian Covid-19 certificate.

The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok sums up what the new easing in the rules means for travelers to Norway from Thailand:

In the Government’s press release on July 2. covid-19 related travel restrictions were eased for several countries, even outside the EU / Schengen and the United Kingdom. However, there are no changes for Thailand. This means that:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs still discourages travel that is not strictly necessary to Thailand.

Norway is in practice closed for entry from Thailand for other than Norwegian citizens and foreigners living in Norway. It is essentially only close family who have the opportunity to visit Norway now.

Everyone still needs to fill out an entry form in advance, and almost everyone has to test themselves 24 hours before a flight to Norway. Upon arrival in Norway, everyone is again tested and most people have to be in hotel quarantine.

The rules are constantly changing, both the Norwegian rules but also the airline’s rules. Everyone, therefore, needs to stay updated with the latest rules. 

Read the full press release from the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore here

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