Death of Myanmar ‘godfather’ and local partner of Danish brewer Carlsberg

After decades of business in media and also as a partner with the Danish beer brewer Carlsberg, Thein Tun, once hailed as a ‘godfather’ of Myanmar, died in Bangkok on 18 April this year.

He and his family owned and published the Myanmar Times, which is now suspended, and were the local partner of the Carlsberg beer company in Myanmar, while his family still runs the Tun Commercial Bank.

A news story cited that he was once an “influential old-school magnate” but that in recent years his reputation and finances were “ridden with controversies” and that more modern and reformist tycoons had overtaken him as he failed to adapt to a rapidly changing Myanmar.

Thompson Chau, formerly a longtime editor at the Myanmar Times, said in the news report that Thein Tun had spoken about his regret at acquiring the Myanmar Times as traditional tycoons struggled to cope with the challenges of a country in transition.

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