Denmark-Vietnam partnership on agriculture and sustainable development

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien spoke during the seminar “Danish experiences and solutions in sustainable agri-food production” on Wednesday 17 August 2022 that about 135 Danish firms which have opened branch offices in Vietnam have shared their agricultural experiences with Vietnamese companies.

As Denmark is the leading country in agriculture and sustainable development, he believed that Denmark’s experiences would help Vietnamese firms develop to high-tech and climate-smart agriculture.

Both countries have strategic sector cooperation (SSC) and the food safety is one of the four areas the two have corporated in improving.

According to Sanne Hoj Andren, Sector Counsellor for Agri-Food at the Embassy of Denmark, Danish authorities have been assisting Vietnamese partners in pork origin-tracing, controlling veterinary medicines, controlling food safety in meat processing and capacity building in risk-based management.

Actively, Vietnam has become more sustainable in the food production as well as in education, health, and statistics with Danish collaboration.


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