Denmark wants closer cooperation with China in green energy

Digital transformation and green technology were the key subjects during this year’s Shanghai-Danish Forum on Science and Technology Cooperation held Thursday as part of the 18th Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Forum in Shanghai.

According to a recent article published by Chinese media Shine, Shanghai and the third largest Danish city of Aalborg entered into an innovation partnership 15 years ago and the partnership has seen successful results in several fields including distant water fisheries, energy-saving, new energy cars, and emission-reduction. Since 2019 the Shanghai Science and Technology Association and Aalborg have taken turns in hosting academic meetings and sessions and the theme for this year’s forum was “Innovative Cooperation for the Future.”

The forum had Chinese and Danish experts sharing views and experience on their latest innovation achievements and offering international guidance to Shanghai’s ongoing digital transformation and efforts to achieve China’s carbon goal.

Amongst the experts was Denmark’s former foreign minister, Lene Espersen who now works for Green Hub Denmark, a strong public-private partnership, based in Aalborg, working with green innovation, sustainable business models, and large-scale testing. Lene Espersen explained that Green Hub Denmark is developing a new water-powered cooling system, and exploring the recycling and reuse of carbon dioxide. She is looking forward to working with companies in China to promote a greener world, she said.

According to Energy expert Preben Birr-Pedersen, northern Europe is recognizing China’s fast-developing offshore wind energy project and he sees great possibilities for cross-border cooperation, he said.

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