Denmark’s Tech Ambassador opened Beijing office

In recognition of the growing importance of China’s booming tech industry, the Tech Ambassador of Denmark has now opened an office in Beijing.

As the first country in the world, Denmark has elevated technology to a foreign policy priority and established a diplomatic platform and presence to promote this agenda across the globe.

The initiative is taken based on the recognition of the key role technology and digitalization plays and will increasingly play in the future for individuals and societies alike from China to Denmark and the rest of the world.

“It’s interesting to see how China’s tech industry has grown into being among the most advanced in areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-computing. The resources and the willingness from the Chinese Government to drive and push this development together with the big tech companies is very significant, said Denmark’s Tech Ambassador, Casper Klynge.

“In that light, it’s only a natural step for the Danish Government to expand our technological diplomacy – or our so-called TechPlomacy Initiative – to China,” said the Ambassador, who will be in China next week to officially open the Beijing leg of the Tech Ambassador’s Office at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing.

The Tech Ambassador’s Office will have a physical presence in three time zones across the globe, in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, Silicon Valley in the United States, and Beijing.

Tech Ambassador Casper Klynge and his global team will work to build strategic partnerships and engage directly with tech-hubs, governments, international organizations, civil society, cities, regions, world-class universities and other stakeholders.

“I really look forward to engaging in dialogue on a broad range of topics with the tech-industry and Chinese authorities. We need a stronger multi-stakeholder discussion on how we want these new technologies to shape our societies in the future. And with a stronger dialogue we will be better equipped to meet both opportunities and challenges new technology creates,” said Ambassador Klynge.

The Office of the Danish Tech Ambassador is located at the Embassy in Beijing. “We warmly welcome our new Tech colleagues as an integrated part of our efforts to promote Danish interests in China and to further strengthen the multi-facetted cooperation between our two countries,” said the Ambassador of Denmark to China, A. Carsten Damsgaard.

Casper Klynge visited China together with Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard, ‎Head of Secretariat & Deputy Tech Ambassador.

“Great to launch our office in Beijing. & to initiate the dialogue with the public & the private sector. Impressions & take-aways?

1. While we refer to the impressive pace of tech development in Silicon Valley, we are left with a clear impression, that China is certainly not trailing behind. Massive investments in tech & companies with a global edge.

2. At the same time it is evident that the traditional distinction between the private & public sector is less stringint in China. That is visual in the application of new tech platforms – but it also creates a complex framework for foreign tech companies.

3. Last but not least, technology is on top of the Chinese agenda & the Party’s national (development) plans. And with a very long-term, strategic and ambitious global approach. Change is under way. With a geopolitical impact.

In a nutshell the 4 days was perhaps a glimpse of the new world order? And certainly a confirmation of why TechPlomacy is needed in 2018,” wrote the Tech Ambassador on Linkedin.

Denmark is one of the most digitised countries in the world. Denmark has a relatively small and agile bureaucratic system, a robust, green and reliable energy ecosystem, and a creative and adaptive workforce, which is relatively well equipped to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. Yet, like other countries, cities and regions around the world, we need to be ready to adapt and engage with new technologies and their adverse impacts on society, economy and labour market.

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