Swedish minister criticizes EU’s stand on Malaysian palm oil

Palm oil is wrongfully discriminated against by the European Union.

The notable message was delivered to reporters by the Swedish Minister for Entrepreneur and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, at the Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit last week.

On the 17th of January this year, the EU voted to begin phasing out palm oil from the EU energy mix as of 2020.

“Sweden really appreciates the Malaysian government’s efforts on sustainability in the oil palm industry,” Mikael Damberg told the present reporters.

The EU is a large consumer of said palm oil. In 2017 15% of the exported palm oil was shipped to the EU with a value of RM2.7 billion and Malaysia accounts for 39% of the worlds palm oil production.

The speech can be seen in the video below:

One Comment on “Swedish minister criticizes EU’s stand on Malaysian palm oil”

  1. It looks like Sweden is a friend to Malaysia and its 650,000 oil palm farmers after all.
    Thank you Sweden, you can see the bigger picture and could rise above lies and petty fear mongering by trade protectionist pawns.

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