Eco-city: Denmark engages with Bali’s neighbour Lombok

In connection with the new Strategic Sector Cooperation Work Program for 2018, Head of Energy Cooperation at the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia and representatives from the Danish Energy Agency visited Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara to discuss their next work program on Lombok Energy Planning.

“We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and eagerness for cooperation shown by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s Representative for West Nusa Tenggara Province, local PLN, and local government bodies (BAPEDA) in our first kick-off workshop,” writes the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia.

“The idea of Lombok Energy Planning itself came out when we discovered that Lombok has a very huge potential on renewable energy resources that have not been fully utilized. By using Balmorel Model and LEAP Energy Modelling Tools that we have introduced to National Energy Council before, the local government can get even more reliable and improved results on renewable energy potentials in Lombok that can be used for regional long-term energy planning. Lombok Energy Modelling can complement and support Lombok Regional Energy Planning, which is currently being completed by the local government. It can also help the local government to promote Lombok as Eco-City, which supports the use of eco-friendly energy resources. In this case, Lombok Energy Modelling can be a good example that can be imitated by other cities in Indonesia.”

After a discussion with the local government, the Danish representatives also visited the existing Pengga Micro-hydro Power Plant (400 kW) in Central Lombok owned by PT. PLN. The Danes there learned that initially this dam was only being used for irrigation as well as flood control. But today, the dam is also used as a power plant that can electrify nearby households. The Danes think the utilization of this hydropower in this dam is also a good start for Lombok renewable energy development.

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