Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark issues warning for Cambodia

The Foreign Ministry of Denmark has issued a warning to all Danes staying in the Snuol district in the northeastern Cambodia after police and protesters crashed on March 8th.


On the Facebook page, the ministry writes the following:

“On the 8th of March 2018 there were confrontations between protesters and police in the Snoul-district in the Kratie province in the northeastern Cambodia. Travellers in the area should keep af distance to potential demonstrations and gatherings of military and police and follow the authorities guidelines. The developement of the situation should be followed in the medias and possibly also via travel arrangers or the hotel. The travel advice for Cambodia has not been changed.”

The protests comes as the official election date is closing in. The general election will be held on July 29th, but few have any hopes that the election will be carried out democratically.

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The Norwegian-based watchdog, Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWCI), recently urged citizens not to vote in the election if the former opposition party CNRP won’t be allowed to vote.

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