Episode III of Future is Made in Finland webinar series covers Digital Health

Interested in studying and working in Finland? Future health is created through groundbreaking research and innovative business collaboration. 

In the third episode of the Future is Made in Finland webinar series on 21 October, you’ll learn how immunology, modern technological platforms, artificial intelligence, and the world’s best education are shaping the future of global wellbeing. 

You will also learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies developed in Finland.

The future of health embodies more than treating illnesses reactively. Advancements in healthcare, medicine, and health technology are developed with the greatest intention – to improve our lives and wellbeing. The ambitious goals require a broad set of skills and technologies that can only be achieved through collaboration.

In this webinar, some of the brightest minds in the fields of healthcare, technology, diagnostics, and medicine will come together to discuss the global future of health and wellbeing.

Does the solution for a long, healthy life lie in immunity? What will the future of healthcare look like in a post-Covid world? Can international talents join the mission of discovering new cures and life-saving treatments already during their studies?

Tune in to learn how future health is developed in Finland – and how you can join the inspiring journey!

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