Ever tried putting cheese in your coffee?

Kaffeost – or ‘cheese coffee.’ Photo: Delicious

Australian Magazine “Delicious” highlighted nine different types of coffee from all over the world – Scandinavia and Southeast Asia included.

The featured Singaporean coffee is the ‘kopi.’ Also known as ‘Nanyang.’ For this specialty, the coffee beans are roasted with grease such as butter or margarine to bring out the dark flavour of the beans.

After being caramelized, the beans are then ground and brewed in a pot inside a small muslin cloth bag. Sometimes sugar, water and condensed milk can be added, depending on one’s taste.

Another one highlighted is the Vietnamese ‘ca phe su da‘ coffee. It’s an iced coffee which is made from coffee brewed through a metal filter (phin) on top of sweetened condensed milk. Ice cubes are then added to it.

Nordic styles include something different…

Going across the globe and then North, one might encounter a ‘kaffeost,’ which directly translated means cheese coffee.

You simply grab a piece of dry cheese, preferably the ‘leipäjuusto’ cheese, and put it in the bottom of your cup. Then you cover it with boiling coffee, and there you go. Although it might sound weird, the cheese is supposed to add a nutty, buttery flavour to the smokey coffee.

One might also find a Swedish ‘egg coffee.’ Essentially it means a raw egg is added to the ground process before brewing the coffee. The egg white should then extract the bitterness of the beans and enhance the caffeine. So if you are in serious need of a morning cup of coffee, but could do without the bitter taste, that one might be for you.

Read the full article and see the other mentioned coffees here.

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