Export webinar: Meeting the new Danish ambassador to Thailand

The new Danish ambassador designate in Thailand Jon Thorgaard had on 17 June 2020 his first public appearance during the webinar ‘Denmark Means Business’.

The webinar was hosted as a collaboration between the Royal Embassy of Denmark and the Thai-Danish Chamber of Commerce. The panel of the webinar consisted of the ambassador designate, Jon Thorgaard, Commercial Counselor Peter Sand and Deputy Head of Mission Anders Graugaard.

The focus of the webinar was export with three planned segments. The first segment was a quick ‘get-to-know’ the new Danish ambassador in Thailand. Jon Thorgaard started with expressing his gratitude for the Thai-Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy for creating the opportunity to greet the chamber members – albeit digitally.

“I would like to thank all of you who are participating in this webinar. It’s nice to meet you. I would prefer meeting in person, but the circumstances don’t allow it,” said the new ambassador.

Afterwards, the coming ambassador Jon Thorgaard introduced himself: A 53-year-old man, who is married to a woman named Camilla. The ambassador designate also has two children. Jon Thorgaard highlights politics and commerce as his interests.

The vision of the new ambassador includes close communication with Danish companies and businesses in Thailand, so both the Danish Embassy and the companies can learn together how to tackle the Thai market.

“I want the Embassy to be the best service provider possible,” said Jon Thorgaard.

In the next segment ‘Denmark means Business’ the coming ambassador explained the new export- and investment package that is meant to boost Danish businesses.

To help the companies who have experienced day to day issues due to economic impact of the coronavirus, the rate of the services the embassy offers have been significantly reduced.

Small- and medium companies will have to pay the rate of 250 DKK per hour. Large companies must pay 500 DKK per hour. The previous price was 955 DKK per hour.

Ambassador Jon Thorgaard also stresses that it’s of high importance for the Embassy to engage with companies that have lost market opportunities due to the coronavirus.

“It’s crucial to find and create opportunities for Danish companies in Thailand,” said the new ambassador designate.

The Danish ambassador highlights the Healthcare-, Food and Green & Sustainability sectors as markets with big potential.

During the last segment dubbed ‘Q&A’, Commercial Counselor Peter Sand, Deputy Head of Mission Anders Graugaard and ambassador designate Jon Thorgaard answered questions from the participants, such as ‘what qualifies a business as Danish?’ (a CVR number is a major factor in qualifying a business or company as ‘Danish’) and ‘what is the vision beyond COVID-19?’.

The coming ambassador’s focus beyond the coronavirus is an increase in international awareness of Danish concepts, resulting in putting Denmark on the map and potentially attracting investors to Denmark.


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