Extreme heat ravages Beijing

Beijing has been experiencing temperatures above 40 degrees three days in a row. On Thursday, June 22, the barometer reached 41.1 degrees Celsius in the Chinese capital.

It is the hottest day recorded in June since temperature records began in 1961, according to BBC News. Almost 22 million people live in the city.

Both Friday and Saturday, the temperature in the city of millions reached over 40 degrees, which has never happened before. On Friday, authorities raised the weather alert to ‘code red’. China has a four-level weather warning system, with red being the most severe.

Authorities have urged people to limit their time outdoors and warned of the increased risk of heat stroke.

The nearby metropolis, Tianjin, is struggling with similar record temperatures, where the temperature has also been above 40 degrees for three days in a row. On Sunday, temperatures in Beijing and Tianjin dropped slightly to 37 and 39 degrees.

But Chinese meteorologists predict that the temperature on Thursday and Friday of the coming week will again hit 40 degrees, writes the South China Morning Post.

For several months, several countries in Asia have suffered from severe heatwaves that have set several records. In April India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos all recorded temperatures of 45 degrees.

In many countries, the average temperature was at least two degrees higher than normal in April. In May, a new study showed that climate change has made heat waves 30 times more likely in Asia, writes BBC News.

Source: bt.dk

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