KONE wins order for tallest building in Guangxi Province, China

KONE has won an order to provide 36 eco-efficient elevators and four escalators to Liuzhou Diwang International Fortune Center in China.

The four-building mixed-use development will be located in the center of Liuzhou, a major industrial city in the southwest of China. When it is completed at the end of 2014, the 303-meter-high tower will be the tallest building in Guangxi Province. Most of the floors of the tower building will be dedicated to a five-star hotel, high grade offices, and a restaurant.

The order includes 15 KONE MiniSpace(TM), 13 KONE 3000 MiniSpace(TM), eight KONE 3000S MonoSpace® elevators, and four KONE TravelMaster(TM) escalators. These industry-leading solutions will offer passengers premium ride comfort and enhanced eco-efficiency while traveling within the 72-story building. In addition, seven of the KONE MiniSpace(TM) elevators will be traveling at speeds of 7 m/s to ensure convenient access to the top floors of the skyscraper. The order also includes a 10-year contract for the maintenance of the equipment.

“We are pleased that our team’s continuous communication with the customer led to this impressive order to supply people flow to the tallest building in Guangxi Province. KONE’s growth in China has expanded from what we call tier one cities, such as Shanghai, to emerging tier two and tier three cities such as Liuzhou,” said William B. Johnson, Executive Vice President for KONE Greater China.

The development has been designed by Guangxi Hualan Design & Consulting Group and the main contractor is Zhongqiao Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. This order further strengthens the relationship with the customer. KONE has already supplied the elevators and escalators to the podium building of the International Fortune Center.

The order was booked in the third quarter of 2013.

Source:  KONE Corporation, press release, December 27, 2013 also published here.

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