Finnish livestreamer released from Cambodian prison

finnish man released by cambodian authorities
Photo: Cambodian authorities

A Finnish man aged 26 was released from a Cambodian prison on 7 August 2017 from where he was streaming videos of the conditions, other inmates and himself smoking cigarettes on the livestreaming site Twitch. Several news sites report about the release.

According to Cambodia News in English the man was taken into custody by the Phnom Penh Immigration Office on 15 July 2019. He was handed to the authorities by Phnom Penh police forces, as the 26-year-old had no passport and was causing public nuisance.

Allegedly, the Finnish streamer, known under the name rappiomatkaaja, had posted several videos In the days prior to his arrest. The videos caused disturbance in the Twitch community as they showcased sex and drugs among other things.

The man also posted a video of his face bleeding and wounds on his knee.

It is unknown how he was allowed to bring his phone to prison, however some believe, he must have bribed the prison guards while others believe he was merely in a cell for immigrants.

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