Future in Denmark looks promising for deported children

mint thailand denmark deported
An older photo of Mint (left) and her mother (right).

The future for deported children from mainly Thailand and Indonesia might soon look brighter if Mattias Tesfaye, Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration is to be trusted.

Since Denmark elected a new Prime Minister in June and the government has been formed, promises have been made left and right. Mattias Tesfaye has also made one great promise to find a good solution for the concerned 83 families of deported children.

The Minister has already expressed his optimism about the issue on Danish TV 2’s daily evening show, Go’ Aften Danmark.

Many people probably remember how the then 13-year-old Thai girl Atcharapan Yaungyai better known as Mint was deported from Denmark in 2018, a year ago. She is now back in Denmark, currently on a tourist visa and appeared on Go’ Aften Danmark on Tuesday 15 October.

Here, her stepdad, Frank Thøgersen, asked Mattias Tesfaye what the chances are of the rules changing, so children like Mint will be granted a residence permit for Denmark.

Apart from expressing his hopes, that the rules are likely to change at the turn of the year, he also said that children may now stay in Denmark during the processing of their application.

For the Thai-Danish family it means, that Mint will not be forced to leave Denmark when her three-month tourist visa expires in January, as long as the application is submitted prior to the deadline.


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