Finnish partner in Future of Healthcare 2018 conference

EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI), with Malaysian-Finnish Business Council among its partners organised the ‘Future of Healthcare 2018: ASEAN-EU trends and opportunities’ conference during 14 – 16 May. Held in connection to the SEACare trade fair the main objective of the conference was to offer EU and Asean companies, SME’s in specific, export possibilities to the Asean markets and to comprehensively provide an overview of the state of healthcare markets in this region, the relevant standards and regulations, projects and entry as well as access requirements.

Another aim was to present local companies the state of and access to the EU healthcare markets in order to promote the business opportunities between EU and Asean.

The conference aimed to provide a platform for the healthcare industry players to explore the most relevant megatrends in the emerging markets in the region and to understand the complex links between healthcare systems, government policies, epidemiological and socio-economic factors interacting and shaping the decisions of healthcare professionals, patients and consumers.

The conference consisted of two whole days of presentations as well as company solutions to improve healthcare. In connection with the trade fair, there was an EU- Pavilion in which companies showcased their solutions/ products. The third day was allocated to site visits and B2B matchmaking meetings.

Among the conference topics were: Understanding and leveraging the business opportunities in the Asean region; The changing epidemiological and demographic profile of Asean; Asean medical standards and regulatory framework; Developing healthcare infrastructure (including ‘The healthcare vision in Malaysia and other Asean countries’, ‘Financial Models and conducive ecosystems for a sustainable healthcare’, ‘EU healthcare infrastructure models’, ‘The quest for healthcare talents’ and ‘Cross border healthcare and medical tourism’); Digital healthcare and its effect on healthcare delivery models; and The hospital environment (including ‘Meeting the growing demand of Clean Technology’).

Mr Jari Niemi, President of Nordic House held presentations on the topics: Ageing population: effect and consequences as well as EU healthcare infrastructure models.

The event brought local policy makers, public sector, private sector and healthcare professionals together in order to shape the future of healthcare in the region.

Asia is the fastest growing sector of the global economy and Asean is experiencing the most rapid growth of the region. While this region’s governments are struggling with rising costs in healthcare and with developing universal healthcare, the private sector is expanding and providing new opportunities for private healthcare companies as the growing middle class is prepared and willing to spend more money on their health.

Malaysia, as a “melting pot” of Asean, is a centrally located gateway to access the healthcare markets in the region. Furthermore, Malaysia as many other Asean nations has identified healthcare as a national key economic area and actively encourages investment in and development of the healthcare sector as well as public-private collaboration.

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