Hear what Finland has developed in the “Future is made in Finland – First 6G”

The Embassy of Finland in Singapore invites to join “Future is made in Finland”

Their invitation said:

Did you know that every day, 2.6 billion people in the world use technology developed in a Nordic city of Oulu, Finland? Many innovations that have and will change the world have their roots in Finland.

Today, University of Oulu is the home for the first 6G research and innovation center in the world, 6G Flagship, which is a vigorous research and co-creation ecosystem for 5G adoption and 6G innovation.

We support the industry to fully deploy 5G technology through joint R&D projects, trials and demonstrations. At the same time, the 6G Flagship experts are already working on essential technology components and solutions needed for the 2030 wireless era and seeking for major scientific breakthroughs in the interrelated domains of wireless connectivity, device and circuit technologies, distributed intelligent computing, and novel applications and services.

The scientists, innovators and companies in this world-class R&D hub work towards creating new business opportunities, but at the same time developing solutions to respond to United Nations’ sustainable development goals and major societal challenges, powered by the next generation mobile technology.

Will this next generation mobile technology create a society that is data-driven and enabled by instant and unlimited wireless connectivity all around the world?

Tune in to the fourth episode of the Future is Made in Finland -webinar series and learn of the latest technology developments, engineering and ICT expertise needed to fulfill this vision.

Webinar series: Future is Made in Finland!
Episode IV: First in 6G!
3 November 2020 at 18:00 in Singapore (UTC +8)

For registration, please read here

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