Hire Quality establishes new company in Thailand

Fredrik Rudberg

Hire Quality establishes the company, Hire Quality Software Co., Ltd in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the aim of offering to outsource all or parts of IT projects to Thailand. In this way, proximity to customers in Sweden is still offered, while development can be done at a lower cost. The managing director of operations in Thailand will be Fredrik Rudberg.

The move will allow Hire Quality AB to provide clients with high-quality outsourcing options at very reasonable prices. In addition to Swedish customers, this investment also means that Hire Quality offers its services globally with the main focus on Europe and North America.

“It feels extremely exciting to have this in place now,” ays Daniel Sonebrand, CEO of Hire Quality AB, Sweden.

“For our customers in Sweden, we can no offer all or part of the project delivery from Fredrik’s team in Thailand, which means 30-60% lower cost, while still working closely with the client locally.”

“I have had Fredrik as a colleague before so I know what he is going for. He is extremely competent and a guarantee that we will maintain high quality in our delivery from Thailand,’ Daniel Sonebrand adds.

Fredrik Rudberg, who becomes responsible for the company in Thailand, has lived and worked in Thailand for 15 years. At that time he has established a large valuable network of contacts with sharp developers and also with international customers. In addition to fluent Swedish and English, he also speaks fluent Thai, which is an invaluable asset. Fredrik is an experienced IT architect and developer who most recently comes from a central role at Manao Software in Thailand.

“I see tremendous potential in this and have great confidence for the coming autumn and year despite the current Corona times,” says Fredrik Rudberg, CEO of Hire Quality Software Co., Ltd in Thailand.

“Customers will choose us as a supplier in both Sweden and globally. For Swedish customers, it is a great advantage that we have Swedish contacts both locally and in Thailand. For many other customers around the world, I feel that today I have already built up a strong trust and confidence, something that we will build on,” says Fredrik.

“Since I have lived in Thailand for so long, I have a lot of contacts with really good consultants here locally. My ambition is that we are at least 10-20 employees within a year, Fredrik continues.”


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