Hotel Continental In Norway Ready To Reopen

Hotel Continental is one of the most prestigious trademarks Oslo has. And the impressive building is about to be reopening its luxurious apartments at the end of a renovation process that was worth NOK 400 million. Elisabeth Brochmann is the owner of the hotel and she decided to share some of the most unusual requests of some of the most famous guests who have stayed here before the hotel was closed for renovation.   

Celebs And Their Crazy Requests

Diana Ross used to be the wife of a Norwegian mountain climber named Arne Næss. But this is not her only connection to Norway. She once stayed at this hotel and asked for the walls of the rooms to be painted in certain colors. Also, she did not her room to have a lot of pieces of furniture. Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger asked for accommodation here also during the concert they held at the Telenir Areba. He specifically asked for a sofa shaped like the letter L so that two people could have their heads meet in the corners. Since the hotel was not at the moment endowed with such a sofa, they had to drop everything and go find and buy one. Another celebrity singer show chose to drop by at the Continental Hotel in Oslo is Elton John. His special request was that we wanted to eat fat-free yoghurt for breakfast, but eventually ended up placing eggs and bacon orders on a daily basis throughout his stay there. You can go online and read more about the fourth-generation owned hotel and check out this link if you need extra help with your VoIP services.

But the veterans of the music industry are not the only ones who fancy the gorgeous hotel. Canadian singer Justin Bieber visited Oslo in 2012 but what was supposed to be a secret visit turned out to be one of the loudest, craziest nights the people in and around the hotel ever witnessed. The hotel was closed because of the hysterical teenage girls who were extremely eager to see their young artist.

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