Norway – The Best Place To Grow Old In

According to a new study, Norway seems to be the most recommended country to grow old in. While most people immediately associate the land of Norway with dark winters that seem to last forever or with the impressively high cost of living, now the country can also be referred to as the most suitable place in which you should grow old. But what exactly makes Norway so appealing for people thinking to retire? Find out within the next few lines.


Norway Uses Smart, Long-Term Strategies

By simply glancing at the financial security that the elderly in this country are enjoying as a result of the policies that have been developed many decades ago, we can begin to understand the appeal of so many for this place. In addition, we can also mention the national security plans which are highly efficient or the large rates of employment when it comes to the older citizens of the country. And transportation – another important decisive factor for the elderly – is also at its highest peak here, so it would seem that Norway can basically cater to all the needs of its citizens. However, if you feel your living here is only temporary and you would like to seriously consider Norway as you option, here are a few more interesting facts.

How is all this possible? Thanks to the natural resources that the country owns and which are excellently managed, along with the use of smart plans for the future. The accurate identification of all potential problems within the borders of the country and knowing how to correctly deal with them are the success-ensuring secrets of the leaders here. The HelpAge International research released during the International Day of Older Persons presented Norway as the country recording the best well-being levels for people over 60.


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