Huawei’s Danish Communication Manager quits his job after revelations regarding face recognition of Uighurs

Huawei’s Danish communications manager, Tommy Zwicky, has resigned. (Stock Photo)

Danish Communication Manager for the Chinese telecom giant Huawei Tommy Zwicky has announced on Twitter that he has resigned his position. The announcement comes after it was revealed in The Washington Post, that Huawei has tested a face recognition technology that has been able to identify Uighurs, an oppressed ethnic minority in China.

Tommy Zwicky was after the revelation in The Washington Post asked by a DR Correspond on Twitter to explain the story and is believed to have responded, “I can not, which is why I have resigned my position”. The response was later deleted.

Tommy Zwicky has since announced without further explanation on Twitter that he has resigned his position after about 6 months of employment.

According to the Danish newspaper Berlingske, one million Uighurs are imprisoned in rehabilitation camps in western China’s Xinjiang province. Both experts and human rights groups have described it as a digital surveillance state, where the Uighurs are closely monitored by the police.

Source: Nord Jyske

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One Comment on “Huawei’s Danish Communication Manager quits his job after revelations regarding face recognition of Uighurs”

  1. Not surprising as Denmark is one of the 14 eyes (outer fringe of the five eyes spy alliance). One of the major risks when doing business in these countries is that you must be 100% aligned with the US who rules over the 14 eyes. Denmark was also one of the first of the 14 eyes to criticize China’s PPE (medical masks) whom they supply by the billions around the world every single day.

    So where was this guy’s protests when American controlled media launched a smear campaign about mass genocide, millions dead, cultural genocide, detentions and oppressions. Oh my! Yet, if you visited there before the pandemic, you would see much more development and peace in the region than in the US.

    This sad excuse people call ‘news’ didn’t even make it on to any major outlets despite their desperate attempts to smear China.

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