Improved livelihoods among Myeik fishing communities

On Thursday 1 June 2017, the Danish Real Time Evaluation, RTE, team landed in Myeik, Myanmar to evaluate and monitor progress of the Sustainable Coastal Fisheries programme supported by Denmark. They observed a workshop on implementation of the programme facilitated by the Department of Fisheries in Myeik.

RTE is an approach to enhance the evaluative work by enabling data collection simultaneous with the development intervention and to increase the usability of the evaluation interim findings by making it possible to provide feed-back to operational management during implementation. RTE will therefore provide input for learning during the implementation process and document the results of the intervention towards the end of the four years.

The workshop discussed fishery co-management and was attended by fishing communities, local government officials, NGOs and other stakeholders. As part of the Denmark-Myanmar country programme, the Sustainable Coastal Fisheries programme aims to improve the management of fishery resources in a sustainable way.

Danish Support to Sustainable Coastal Fisheries in Myanmar aims at securing sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities, and is a development engagement under the Myanmar country programme for 2016-2020.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Myanmar


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