It’s polo in the air!

B Grimm Polo tournament is back with H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup 2023

It vibrates in the air,  the polo horses are eager to get started. It is now more than 2 years ago, since the B.Grimm polo tournaments took place at the beautiful Thai Polo Club Pattaya. On a cool Saturday, January 28th the beautiful country/polo club was finally ready to welcome back polo players and polo lovers. Here you come not only to follow the chukkas, but to watch people and to be seen.

There is a tense anticipation in the air, it’s exciting. The polo horses are well taken care of by their grooms who are equally nervous.

The riders are full of anticipation and the audience longing to follow the  full of speed chukkas. A chukka is 7 to 7 1/2 minutes long. A polo horse runs at about 50 km/h and can do 2 chukkas during a match. Every match is divided into 4, 6 or 8 periods. The team with the most points is the winner. It does take some time to learn and understand the rules, but as soon as you know them, you become more or less addicted to this amazing sport.

To follow those delicate ponies and their riders who are in full action, is fascinating. Polo has since ages been a major sport in Argentina and Great Britain and the interest in this sport is increasing in many parts of the world.

In Thailand you can also enjoy beach polo, that takes place every spring in Hua Hin and in Switzerland you have polo tournaments on the  frozen lake in St. Moritz, Engadin, during the month of February.

The riders come from several countries to play in Pattaya. Behind the B. Grimm team stands Mr. Harald Link, who is an excellent polo player as well as his daughter Caroline and her husband Luciano.  This three-leaf clover never disappoints you. They give it all, even if they don’t always win.

This Saturday, January 28th, they had a bit of bad luck and lost against the team BR 22. There are no sad faces even if you don’t get the biggest cup, as there will always be more matches ahead and you can take revenge…

This time we were also able to follow a jumping competition with many young riders competing against each other.

No one goes hungry. There is a delicious buffet and a selection of beers and wines etc. to enjoy. It is a quaint tradition, that between the matches, the spectators are asked to enter the playground and help putting the torn up tufts of grass in place, not ideal to wearing high heels.

It’s also a pure joy to watch the people. The dress code is said to be “sport smart casual” and it’s just fun to see how the guests look at the dress code differently. You see everything from elegant cocktail dresses, mini skirts combined with heavy boots, casual beach dresses, men in classic blazers to Bermuda shorts and a sloppy shirt, you see it all, even more fancy outfits. There are people who prepare for their outfit a year in advance. It’s kind of a spectacle and it makes you smile. What a diverse, wonderful world.

If you never have attended a polo game, you should do. The teamwork and affections between the riders and their ponies is a pleasure to watch.

Give it a chance, you might become a polo fan. Next opportunity is The Pink Polo at the Pattaya Polo Club which will take place March 11th 2023.

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