Japan is the number one destination for Thais

A new study by Visa has revealed that the top five destinations that Thai travelers most desire to visit are Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom. The Nordic countries are far down on the list.

The survey, among 2,000 Thai respondents, also revealed three key factors when choosing an overseas destination to visit: travel expenses (65%; ) weather (49%) and desire to visit new places (48%).

Pipawin Sodprasert, Manager of Visa in Thailand, said, “The recent pandemic has caused cumulative demand among Thai tourists. After being unable to travel the world for a long time And when many countries have opened their borders again We therefore want to study more deeply the behavior. and the changing needs of Thai tourists to explore this uncertain world again.”

This study also found that Thai tourists are ready to overlook travel barriers related to COVID-19 control measures abroad. Only a third (35%) are concerned about the destination’s opening-up policy. And only one in five (23%) of respondents were concerned about the spread of COVID-19 while planning their trip.

The top three reasons for traveling abroad are: to explore new places that they’ve never been to before (61%), spending quality time with family and friends (42%), and revisiting a favorite place (36%).

When it comes to planning The majority of Thai travelers choose to plan their trip entirely on their own (41%), while others they either choose to go on a private tour with flexible itineraries (21%) or choose a group tour as a package tour (11%).

In addition, more than half of respondents expect to take one international trip in the next 12 months (53%), while 31% of those planning two trips and 11% three times. The most popular trips for Thai travelers when traveling abroad are between five and seven days (39%), between eight and ten days (22%), and longer than two weeks but less than a month (12). %)

The survey also found that people are willing to pay more to make their travel abroad more enjoyable, such as eating better (56%), choosing more convenient services (52%) and Visit more exciting destinations (36%), with Thai travelers surveyed expecting to spend an average of 45,000 baht on leisure travel. While the average cost of a business trip is 40,000 baht.

Regarding forms of payment abroad The majority of travelers intend to pay with cards (69%), followed by cash (61%) and mobile contactless and digital wallets (57%). The top three advantages they choose to pay digitally while traveling are secure (60%), convenience (56%) and tracking their spending (49%).

“It is clear that Thai travelers have the readiness and desire to travel abroad. And at the same time, we are ready to look past concerns related to the epidemic situation in the destination country. Visa hopes that by providing this useful information it will help the industry. Our partners and customers have a better understanding of the travel behavior of Thai consumers. So that we can adapt and support Thai tourists to be able to travel and explore the world again,” Pipawin concluded.

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