Join NCC SG and Chef Jimmy Chok: From farm to table – the Norwegian salmon

The Norwegian Cultural Center in Singapore invites you to broaden your culinary horizons with the best chefs, in the comforts of your home, with their event ‘Chef’s Kitchen with Chef Jimmy Chok: From farm to table – the Norwegian salmon’ on 31 July.

More about the event:

Join us for an exciting afternoon of diving into the most popular fish in the world — the Norwegian salmon!

In this session, Chef Jimmy Chok will discuss an overview of the salmon industry — the farming process, the sustainability of the product, and its health benefits. He will also showcase a comprehensive demonstration of cooking salmon properly with a quick and easy recipe! On top of it all, we will share exclusive buying tips that will make you a salmon-connoisseur in no time!

Date: 31 July 3-5 pm. Registration fee: S$28 (U.P. $35)

This event will be held virtually on Zoom.

Find more information and sign up here

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