Leader of MC-gang with Indonesian roots killed in Malmo

A criminal gang Satudarah that was founded in the 1990s by first or second generation immigrants from the former Dutch colony of the Moluccas, which is now part of Indonesia, is active in the underworld of the Swedish city Malmo.

On Friday 19 August, one of its leaders was murdered in a shopping mall Emporia in Malmo. Den 31 year old man was according to the police in Malmo member of the criminal motorcycle gang Satudarah and responsible for a so-called “chapter” that called themselves “Assassins”

An article in the Swedish media Expressen explains about the killing of the gang leader, that the Satudarah motorcycle club has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Norway but also operates back in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Sweden, they opened their first department in Malmö and according to the police, they may be about to open a department in Western Sweden.

Satudarah motorcycle club has often appeared in connection with drug trafficking, murder, extortion and weapons smuggling. The 31 year old had shortly before the killing been a witnes in a court hearing in Malmo about an attempted killing of a member of a rival gang.

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