Linak: Delivering Danish actuators to Asia

Linak’s HQ in Guderup, Denmark

Linak is a Danish supplier of electrical linear actuators. Actuators are devices that convert the rotational motion of a low voltage motor into linear, push and pull movements, making it possible to easily lift, adjust, tilt, push or pull a given object.

Headquartered in Guderup, Denmark, Linak covers a number of business areas and operates globally through a range of own offices and partners throughout the world.

ScandAsia talked to Jens Karing, Managing Director of Linak, Malaysia about the company’s activities in Thailand.

“In Thailand, we have since 2000 delivered systems to local manufacturers of hospital beds, operation tables and x-ray equipment,” he says.

“We also have customers on the industrial market in Thailand that produce equipment for sorting and packing of rice, ice dispensers, etc,” Jens Karing adds.

la44 ic
Linak’s LA44IC Actuator

In 2000, Linak launched a strategy for East Asia including also India and Pakistan.

“In 2000, we made a strategy aiming for at least 50% market share in these countries within the market segments in which we are active,” Jens Karing says.

As of today, Linak have been active in Thailand in over 15 years and therefore have experience doing business in the country.

“Relations are important in Thailand and we strive to be close to decision makers,” Jens Karing says.

“We use a lot of time visiting our customers. We are usually included in the research and development-phase, where we contribute with advice regarding movements,” he adds.

However, the company’s engagement with Thailand have not been without complications, because the business areas Linak operates in are highly sensitive to external developments and events.

“Our sales to Thailand have so far been influenced, in a very high degree, by external factors. Our turnover is affected by political crises, floods and other crises,” Jens Karing explains.

Besides delivering actuator systems to hospital care and industrial equipment manufacturers, Linak also produces actuators for height adjustable desks, a market they are hoping to expand in Thailand.

“We are currently working on attracting Thai furniture manufacturers, that consider producing adjustable desks,” Jens Karing says.

“In our opinion, today, the local demand for adjustable desks is not big enough in Thailand. Therefore, we want to cooperate with manufacturers that focus on projects with foreign owners that delivers products both locally and for export,” he explains.

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