Mika Lintilä deepens Finland-Indonesia bond at networking night

As Minister of Economic Affairs of Finland, Mika Lintilä visited Indonesia, Finnish and Indonesian companies gathered for a night of networking in the company of the minister.

“I look forward to new business opportunities between Indonesia and Finland. Finnish companies can offer sustainable solutions to the Indonesian market,” said Mika Lintilä as he gave his welcome speech at a networking night in Jakarta, bringing Indonesian and Finnish business partners together.

Mika Lintilä giving his welcoming speech.

The representatives of Finnish and Indonesian companies who attended the networking night got the opportunity of deepening the cooperation between the two countries.

Päivi Hultunen-Toivio, Ambassador of Finland to Indonesia, also attended the event where she met with Fauzi Imron, Head of Permanent Committee on Geothermal and Waste to Energy in KADIN, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Fauzi Imron from KADIN and the Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia.

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