Music and Child Development

From the moment a child is born, parents bear witness to their growth and development by observing key milestones; their first steps, their first words, their first day of school. It is widely known that the experiences a child receives during their Early Years education ultimately influence both their cognitive and emotional development, providing essential building blocks for future success.

Scientific research has proven that interaction with music plays a significant role in enhancing the development of a child, even whilst still in the womb. Music stimulates both sides of the brain simultaneously; the left side through rhythm and pattern, and the right through the creativity of composition and melody. Quite simply put, engaging in musical activities provides the brain with an all-round gymnastics routine! It encourages the development of gross motor skills and coordination through dancing and movement. Performing within a group increases awareness of peers and develops a child’s listening skills, whilst performing as a soloist requires the child to practise the ultimate risk-taking challenge.

At Shrewsbury, we have designed an exciting and challenging Music programme which ensures that every child, regardless of ability, is nurtured and encouraged to develop in order to maximise their potential. From the first year in school, children learn songs and nursery rhymes in multiple languages, encouraging their verbal communication and confidence. They discover differences in rhythm, pitch and tone and are encouraged to independently explore creative ideas and sounds. They listen to a diverse range of musical styles from different genres and cultures and learn to play a range of musical instruments.

Musical talent is celebrated throughout the year with class singing, concerts and recitals – even our youngest performers are given the opportunity to shine. Our Rainbow Choir performs regularly and over 60% of children receive individual music lessons delivered by an exceptional team of world class musicians; lessons in which children are inspired to achieve their optimum potential. Several of our children compete successfully in international competitions such as the Singapore International Piano Competition.

Music lies at the very heart of a Shrewsbury education, helping each child to find their voice, to grow in self-esteem and to prepare for a bright and exciting future.

Written by Margaret Young. Head of Music at Shrewsbury City Campus. 

About Margaret Young:

Margaret Young BA (Hons), LTCL, LRSM is the Head of Music at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok City Campus. She was a child prodigy in Music, composing from the age of 6 and gaining distinction in Grade 4 Cello, Grade 5 Trumpet, Grade 7 Violin and Grade 8 Clarinet whilst still in primary school. At age 11, Margaret gained a scholarship for the Junior School of the Royal Northern College of Music where she studied Clarinet, Violin, Piano and Composition with internationally renowned musicians. At age 18 she achieved a distinction in Licentiate of the Trinity College of London and launched her own teaching academy, whilst performing professionally as a clarinettist and working as a Senior Examiner for A Level Music.

Before moving to Thailand, Margaret spent 15 years as Director of Music in a UK Boarding School where she was responsible for creating and delivering Music provision for all students from age 2 – 18. Highlights of her career include directing the Chapel Choir in cathedrals across the world, including St. Mark’s in Rome, St. Stephen’s in Vienna, Washington National Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Margaret is currently researching the effects of music on childhood development and is using this expertise to create a music programme at City Campus which facilitates learning at the very highest degree.

Margaret and the Rainbow Choir regularly perform at a range of Shrewsbury City Campus events. If you would like to come along to a City Campus event and see the Rainbow Choir, or book a tour of the school, please contact the Admissions team on [email protected] or visit the website:

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