NBAS collaborates with upcoming Norwegian artists Sosialantenne

The Norwegian Business Association Singapore is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to showcase their work, while NABS gets a creative take on their graphic profile. 

Recently NABS announced that their featured artist for May is 23-year-old Norwegian freelance artist, designer, and illustrator Sosialantenne (Johanna Warberg). Sosialantenne has given NABS the right to use her artwork in their communication material.

About Sosialantenne NABS writes: 

“Her artworks are fun, colorful, and diverse, but they often have a deeper meaning. Johanna thinks it’s important to use her platform and artworks to convey important social and political messages. Learn more about Sosialantenne and stay tuned for seeing more of her works in our digital material in the months to come!”

Read more about NABS and Sosialantenne here

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