New hope for Danish Church in Thailand

A Danish Church Abroad  has long been requested by the many Danish residents in Thailand. The Danish Seamen’s Church and Church Abroad, DSUK, have been working with a group of people in Bangkok on bringing a Danish Church Abroad to Thailand located in Bangkok.

Now their prayers have been answered. DSUK, who hires and emits employees to help and service Danes and Danish-minded people living abroad in form of religious services, networking events, social and cultural gatherings, have granted a priest to Bangkok.

The Danish Embassy to Bangkok will on Tuesday, 28 February 2017, welcome anyone interested to join them for an information meeting starting at 16:30 and ending around 18:30.

New hope for Danish Church in Thailand

Pia Sundbøll, abroad priest from DSUK, and the temporary workgroup will be present at the meeting.

The meeting intends to give more information on the project as well as hear feedback from the local Danish community. At last, but not least the Embassy and DSUK hopes to meet people who would like to take an active part in the project of starting a new Danish Church Abroad.

To sign up for the meeting, send an email to [email protected]. If not available for the meeting, one will also be welcome to send feedback to mentioned email.

Further information will be to find on the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok’s Facebook page tomorrow, Wednesday 8 February 2017.

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