Newly opened Thai takeaway in Denmark close again due to lack of customers

Stock Photo: Emma Haas

After only operating for four months in the Danish town of Hvide Sande, KPK Thai Food is about to close its doors again due to lack of customers, media JydskeVestkysten writes.

The impending closure of the takeaway business was announced on Monday morning on Facebook by Paul Werner Seehagen, who has helped the Thai owners, Sitthikorn Dookaew, Supaporn Hansen, and Somkid Bangpong Knudsen with various advice along the way. “It’s been too up and down. The location is probably not the best,” Paul Werner Seehagen says about the business.

According to Paul Werner Seehagen, the closure of KPK Thai Food after only four months in the town must be seen in the light of both health and economic reasons. He explains that the owners are very sad to realize that it is not profitable to continue the business with its takeaway concept and have therefore decided to close before things turn from bad to worse.  

According to the article, working days for the Thai owners have often been long and often the turnover has been too low to cover wages. Paul Werner Seehagen says that if someone is interested there is certainly room for the concept to be developed. According to him, the place should have been more of a restaurant although that would require a larger investment, and perhaps the town of Hvise Sande is just too small to offer Thai food, he says. 

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