Nordic tourists to get up to 60-day visa-free stay in Thailand

The Immigration Bureau has published a new regulation that allows tourists, including those who enter Thailand under visa  NewVisaRegulation_en_croppedexemption category, to extend their stay in the kingdom by another 30 days instead of 7 days. The new rule enters into force on August 29.

Citizens of Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – along with their counterparts from 45 other countries, are eligible to 30-day tourist visa-free stay in Thailand.

That means a tourist arriving in Thailand on 30-day visa-exemption category are eligible to extend their stay by another 30 days. A fee of THB1,900 applies.

According to Thawatchai Aranyik, governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand, the new regulation is part of the measure to shore up number of international tourist arrivals, dented by political turmoils from late 2013 up to the May 22 military takeover. The number of international tourist arrivals for the whole of 2014 is projected to reach 25.5 million, or 3.94% short of the targeted 28 million.

Click: here to read the new regulation for visa extension.

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