Norway joins the people of Myanmar in the hope for a better 2022

As the year 2021 came to an end, the Norwegian Embassy in Yangon affirmed Norway’s commitment to the situation in Myanmar while joining the people of Myanmar in the hope of a better 2022. 

In a statement on 31 December, the Embassy said that New Year’s eve comes with reflections of the past year together with hopes for the future.

“In 2021, a decade of progress towards democracy in Myanmar was overturned and Myanmar faced the worst wave of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. But the people of Myanmar are resilient, and we are heartened by the sustained resolve shown by our many partners – including a range of local and international civil society actors, media organizations, multilateral organizations, and other stakeholders.,” the Embassy stated.

Moreover, the Embassy said: 

In 2021, despite facing major challenges, our partners have shown a remarkable ability to deliver results. In 2022 they will continue to set ambitious plans, among other things aiming to provide better access to healthcare and vaccines for the most vulnerable, to promote freedom of expression and independent media, to strengthen democratic voices and the voices of women and minorities, and to lay the framework for peace and reconciliation.

In January 2022 Norway will take up the presidency of the UN Security Council. As in 2021, the situation in Myanmar will be a continued Norwegian priority. We look forward to continued close cooperation with stakeholders in Myanmar in this endeavor. 

But for now, we join the people of Myanmar in the hope for a better 2022.

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