Norwegian Embassy in Singapore credits Norway and Singapore in Covid-19 Resilience Ranking

With reference to Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking on how 53 countries tackle the pandemic, the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore credits both Norway and Singapore in the way the nations have tackled the challenges.

Citing Bloomgerg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, the Embassy highlights Norway’s and Singapore’s most impressive points raised in the rankings with the following statements:

«…the Ranking’s top performers are increasingly those economies where vaccination is driving containment and underpinning reopening.»

«No. 1 Norway is one of the only places of the 53 to have combined success in the initial stage of the pandemic with the recovery stage we’re in now. It’s consistently been in the top 15, first relying on social cohesion for people to comply with social distancing measures and implementing strict border restrictions. Later, Norway procured a sizable supply of vaccines early with the European Union. And now it’s cautiously opening up.»

«Singapore rises two spots to No. 11—despite renewed restrictions—on the strength of its fast immunization program. The city-state has given at least one dose to more than 75% of the population, the highest level in the world among countries with populations larger than five million people.»

«Among advanced economies as defined by the International Monetary Fund, around 48% of the population are covered with shots, according to Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker. The figure is 22% for developing economies.»

Moreover, the Embassy writes, “We all hope to see countries gradually opening up and life returning to normal as vaccination rates continue to rise. Right now, the uneven distribution of vaccines across the globe is a great concern, also affecting many countries in Southeast Asia. Norway will continue to support global and multilateral vaccination efforts. This pandemic will only be over when all countries have access to vaccines.”

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