SwedCham HK says goodbye to scholar Jennifer Ren Liu  


SwedCham HK’s scholar Jennifer Ren Liu pictured second to the right

In a recent article, SwedCham Hong Kong says goodbye to their scholar Jennifer Ren Liu who joined the SwedCham HK team last year in September and will have her last working day at the Chamber on 6 August. 

Christian Bergenstråhle, GM, SwedCham HK writes that Jennifer Ren Liu has been a big part of making SwedCham HK’s new initiatives successful including the launch of new concepts and creating membership value in different creative ways.

Jennifer Ren Liu has, just to mention one of the things she has contributed with, developed SwedCham HK’s new podcast and been responsible for everything from producing to editing without having ever done that kind of work before.

“Jennifer will for sure be missed, by all of us in the office and by many members as well. We are grateful that we have had you in the team this past year Jennifer, and we wish you all luck in the future. The good thing is that we already know that Jennifer is coming back to Hong Kong for an exchange semester during her Master’s studies. And when she is done with her Masters I would recommend any one of you who wishes to hire a super talented young woman to give her a job offer quickly – she will not have a problem getting a job… THANK YOU Jennifer for everything you have done for the Chamber, “ Christian Bergenstråhle writes. 


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