Did you know that the Thai language is one of the languages taught in Swedish schools?


In celebrating National Thai Language Day on 29 July, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok shares that the Thai language is actually one of the languages taught in Swedish schools nationwide. 

In a recent update, the Embassy informs that the Swedish government over forty years ago introduced ‘mother tongue language education or commonly known in Swedish as ‘Hemspråk’ (home language) to recognize the rights of the children to be who they are and the importance of multilingual education. 

Moreover, the Embassy explains that to ensure diversity and inclusion, municipalities arrange the teaching while the National Agency of Education Skolverket regulates principles to support the development of language skills for students with a foreign background. Assessment and grading take place in the same way as in other subjects. Therefore, children of Thai descent could choose to study the Thai language as a subject in schools in Sweden.

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