Outdoor Classroom Going Batty and Birdy!!!!


Patana School
By Coke Smith, Bangkok Patana School Environmental Systems and Societies Leader

Just in time for the end of the year, the Outdoor Classroom at Bangkok Patana School has some new features – bird houses and bat houses! These refuges are part of our effort to increase the biodiversity of our fantastic outdoor urban ecosystem by providing two vital groups of animals places to call home.

As you probably know, bats are an incredibly important order of animals that can help control insect and pest populations and pollinate local flora on a nightly basis.  Birds are also important players in these ecosystem services.  Our hope is to provide safe and secure places for these animals to rest and reproduce.  These features will also provide excellent learning tools that will provide an array of learning opportunities for our students of all age groups.

These wonderful bat houses and bird houses were designed and assembled by our very own student Design Council. Through in-depth consultation with student and teachers, the Design Council built all of these houses. The end products of their hard work are some of the best bat houses and bird houses I have ever seen made at the secondary school level!

These young students are very skilled and serious with what they do and should be commended for this outstanding contribution to our Outdoor Classroom ecological community. It is also wonderful to see an example of how our students put into practice the skills acquired from three different areas: creativity, manufacturing skills and science.

If you have any questions about the new features at the Outdoor Classroom, please contact Coke Smith, our Environmental Science Leader ([email protected]). Please visit the Design Council’s website if you would like to know how they made these fantastic houses. Please also visit the Outdoor Classroom’s website to learn more about what our facility offers!

For more information on Bangkok Patana School, please email [email protected]

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