Schengen countries reject Vietnam’s new passports

The new Vietnamese passport was introduced on 1 July 2022. Photo: More photos, click here.

The Czech Embassy in Vietnam announced on 2 August 2022 that the Czech Republic has stopped recognizing Vietnam’s new-style passports.

“Vietnam’s new passport issued on July 1 does not meet the technical standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),” said the embassy.

The Embassy of Spain announced on 1 of August that also Spain cannot accept Schengen visa applications from Vietnamese citizens using the Vietnam’s new passports.

The Germany Embassy, earlier in July, was the first country to make the decision.

Meanwhile, on July 28, the French Embassy in Vietnam said for the time being and until further notice, French authorities still recognize the new Vietnamese passports.

So far, none of the Nordic countries have announced anything regarding the Vietnam’s new passports.

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