Research 2019: Reasons Why Singapore Is the Best Country for Scandinavian People

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, consisting of small islands, in which the progress of the Western world and Asian culture are harmoniously interwoven. Today, it is one of the richest countries in the world with a developed successful market economy, which is characterized by a favorable business environment, the absence of corruption, and a loyal tax policy.

Life in Singapore especially attracts Scandinavian people. Many come to work and build an Asian career. Some come to retire in a country with stable rule and a reliable justice system.

What kind of people live in Singapore
The country with about 4.5 million people has excellent architecture and a high standard of living. Fashionable streets amaze. Here eastern and western cultures coexist with their traditions and mores. Those Scandinavians who pay attention to this country are primarily interested in which nation lives in Singapore. Historically, it is a multinational state. For a long time, the islands were a colony of the British Empire. During World War II, control briefly passed to Japan. Then they became part of the Malaysian Federation until, as a result of the conflict, they left it, and in 1965 gained independence.

Speaking about who lives in Singapore, it should be noted that today 76.8% of the country’s population are representatives of Chinese nationality. The remaining citizens come from India, England, Japan, and Taiwan.

If you have come as a single, it is easy to find a partner in the variety of nationalities. The dating rules for the over 50’s are the same as in Europe.

What attracts Scandinavians in Singapore
Modern Singapore can be spoken about in superlatives. The equatorial climate, clean ecology, various social guarantees, quality educational programs, high medical care, a developed banking system, and business opportunities attract many tourists, investors, and potential immigrants.

1. Security
You can relax here. In Singapore, you can go naked at three in the morning without fear that something will happen to you. Singapore is one of the ten safest countries in the world. And the older you get, the more this factor becomes important, especially when you have a family and children. There are very low ratings of violence and crime, a complete ban on weapons and drugs. What does it give? People are not afraid to go out at any time of the day, they are not afraid that someone can steal or kill their children. And life without fear is wonderful.

2. The convenience of life
The country starts at the airport. In Singapore, arriving at Changi (recognized as the best airport in the world for seven years), you immediately find yourself in an aura of calmness and comfort. There is a feeling from childhood: “that’s all, I’m home.” And this convenience extends to almost everything – the layout of the city, each district, all residential complexes. Everything is thought out and made for the convenience of residents. For example, each condominium has a swimming pool, gym, security, tennis courts, playgrounds, and you don’t need to go anywhere. Some condominiums have squash courts, mini-golf classes, and other amenities. The city is very compact, which means that in the worst case, it will take you an hour to get from one spot to the other.

3. Climate
Everyone has a different understanding of the perfect climate. In Singapore, it’s from +24˚C to + 30˚C all year round. You can forget about warm clothes. There is no need to monitor the weather forecast on a daily basis because you probably know that the weather will be approximately +25˚C with the possibility of rain. Accordingly, you don’t need to have four wardrobe clothes for each season. Wear slippers, shorts, and t-shirts, and no one will look at you askance.

4. Cost of household goods and services
It is advisable to find a job with a good social package. But only highly qualified specialists can count on it. Many employers prefer not to compensate employees for the cost of housing and transport, believing that high salaries exempt them from this obligation.

5. Education in Singapore
The educational system of Singapore is of high quality and appreciated far beyond the borders of the state. After school, adolescents enter colleges or submit documents to state and private universities. Local universities attract international students. They provide quality education and guarantee an international diploma and an individual approach to training. Teaching is conducted in English. For this, you must pass a language proficiency test. To get a bachelor’s degree, you need to study for 3-4 years. Then you can enroll in magistracy and study from 1 to 3 years.

6. Medicine
The healthcare system in Singapore is recognized as one of the best in the world. There is a well-thought-out system of hospitals and clinics for every taste and budget, quality equipment, competent doctors, the highest requirements for cleanliness.

Medical services in the country are accessible even to low-income people, and the healthcare sector is very efficiently developed, despite low budget costs (compared to other countries). Thanks to advanced medicine, Singapore has a very low mortality rate (including child mortality), and people there live up to 80 years. This is also facilitated by access to quality water and sanitation for every resident of Singapore.

7. Business opportunities
Singapore is recognized as one of the best countries to run a business. This is due to the fact that the Singapore government is positioning its territory as a global laboratory for testing the latest technologies and business ideas. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can run own company, while $0.74 is officially declared the minimum authorized capital. You can register your company online. A company can have up to 20 shareholders. And if its annual income is less than 10 million Singapore dollars, then it will be exempt from taxes.

8. Transport
The Singapore government, worried about air pollution, is trying to minimize the number of personal vehicles from citizens. For this, cycling and public transport are widely advertised in the country. In particular, numerous buses, subways, rail services, and even cable cars are for the services of residents and guests of the island. The transport system of the islands is deservedly considered one of the best in the world. To become the owner of a car, a resident of Singapore needs to win the right to purchase it and pay additional costs.

So, if you put together all of the above: safety, medicine, infrastructure, low taxes, travel, life, and business opportunities, all this creates an incomparable quality of life because of which Scandinavians want to come back here again and again!

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  1. What is the NATIONAL language of Singapore? Since u mentioned that the remaining citizens came from India, England, Japan & Taiwan. Btw, please find the correct data of population in Singapore.

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