Sala Sudasiri Sobha, the family owned concert hall in Lad Prao

“My life is full of dreams. One of my dreams was to have an ideal concert hall which has beautiful acoustics along with a beautiful piano. A hall which both performers and the listeners equally fulfilled since it would unite them together through music.”

Those words belong to khun Nat Yontararak. Khun Nat and his entire family live for music, they breath music. Khun Nat let us know, that the most important person who had been a great supporter and inspiration for him to realize this dream is H.H.Princess Sudasiri Sobha. She was the daughter of H.R.H. Prince Chudadhuj Dharadilok who was the 9th son of King Rama V and Queen Sri Bajarindra.

“In 1973, when I was a sophomore at the faculty of Architecture at the Chulalongkorn University, I was introduced to her through my friend M.R. Nida Sukhsvadi, who was the princess’ niece” khun Nat tells.

Khun Nat started to take piano lessons at an age of 9. He gave his debut recital when he was 20. He has been studying music in London and today he runs a piano school with his son. Khun Nat is also a great composer and both father and son are very talented piano players. The family uses to host concerts on Sunday afternoons, until now most have been classic ones, but on March the 10th, they had invited the Danish saxophonist Jacob Dinesen and his African born wife Yasmine.

This couple have been together for 10 years, married for 5 and have two sons. They divide their time between Denmark and Thailand.

“We stay in Thailand at least 4 months yearly” Yasmine says.

Yasmine is the singer and she can really bring her audience into the right mood. This Sunday, they performed with 3 other talented musicians, Sunny Rattana on piano, Lukasz Kurzydlo on percussion and March Titiwat Tripob on bass. The audience was thrilled. The concert hall was transformed into a casual room, with small tables in front of the chairs, there you could put your wineglass, a beer or soft drinks.

After every performance, the family invites for drinks and finger food and you get the opportunity to talk to the performers. It was a superb afternoon. If you are a music lover or want to become one, don’t miss out on the concerts at Sala Sudasiri Sobha. Visit their homepage and get to know this lovely family. I promise you will not regret it. https.//

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