ScandAsia premiered new destination theme

In February ScandAsia launched its new destination theme format, with comprehensive coverage about the Malaysian state of Penang as the first destination to be featured. This new theme concept portrays, and showcases a destination – be it a state or a region – both from a business and lifestyle angle. ScandAsia digs deeper and finds about business and trade, Nordic business presence and also meet with Nordic locals. The idea is to offer exposure to the destination and businesses, and present how it is to live, work, run a business and invest there.

Penang is a well-known trading hub going back centuries, as well as a globally established manufacturing centre. At the same time it is a big culture and leisure destination, so in that sense it was the optimal one to start with! ScandAsia talked to Invest Penang, Nordic businesses, an expat family, and portrayed its incredibly diverse and rich heritage and lifestyle – a state, but also an island, truly in transition.

The theme concept is one of many new ingredients as part of the, from January 2018, regional ScandAsia format (11 magazines annually), digitally (to our global readership) and print-distributed through the coverage area (Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China.

“This destination format is an excellent way for ScandAsia to dig deeper and really go beyond the well-trodden path, to present the various aspects, opportunities and attractions of a place more in-depth,” says Managing editor Joakim Persson. “We anticipate many exciting destinations to portray going forward and Penang showed that there is lot to tell. Going places is really an eye-opener, and to me personally Penang is really a favourite thanks to its unique mixture.”

The revamped magazine’s core mix also consists in: Business & Trade, Human resources, Products & Services, Community, Lifestyle and International relations, and other themes (in 2018 ‘Banking, Financing & Investment’, ‘Sustainability in Business’ etc.)

In addition to following, as a magazine reader you can stay well informed and kept abreast of key developments. You get served first-hand related and relevant news, information, invitations, advice, and marketing offers – educating and inspiring content over all!

“We are happy to be able to introduce a new concept for our ScandAsia platform. We are now focused more on the digital side and so we are trying to produce the best possible e-Magazine in which advertisements are clickable and linkable. Our ScandAsia print magazine also continues, which means that advertisements will be inserted in both the digital and the print edition. We are also building our website traffic, which at present has approx. 80.000 visitors per month. The website is a perfect tool to promote products and services towards mainly Scandinavian Expats in the whole South-East Asian region,” says Marketing manager Finn Balslev.

“Most definitely advertisers can take advantage of the new reach without paying extra and especially if their company was one with a regional presence, Frank Leong, Marketing director in Singapore.

“With traveling between countries being more frequent as the world globalizes, industries such as hospitality, property, education can benefit greatly from the exposure around the region.”

“No longer will they be held back by the limitations of paper distribution, instead they have the potential to be read by anyone on desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.,” Frank comments on the e-magazine, which was enhanced with the launch of the new regional ScandAsia.

ScandAsia serves all Nordic people and the prospects and customers of Nordic brands and services within Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China. As a matchmaker it also serves all sectors and businesses, both B2B and B2C, looking to reach their targets in Asia including our core readers and beyond.

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