Scandinavian Golf Section starting up again

The Golf section under Scandinavian Society Siam will be restarted with Henrik Friis (second from left in red jeans behind Sasithorn Friis) as new Golf Captain.

The Golf section under Scandinavian Society Siam will be restarted with Henrik Friis as new Golf Captain.

The Golf Section of Scandinavian Society Siam has been one of the main activities of the Scandinavian Society for decades and it can be expected to quickly bounce back to its former status among the Nordic expats in Thailand.

Henrik Friis and committee has renamed the section Thai Nordic Golf Society (TNGS) but the section will continue to be part of Scandinavian Society Siam. A specific Facebook page for Thai Nordic Golf Society has been set up to spread news and pictures from the Tournaments faster. The Golf section at the website of Scandinavian Society Siam – – will be the official website and invitations and information will be posted there as well as sent out through the official e-mails to ensure we reach all members. There will also be cross links to all golf activities on the Scandinavian Society Siam Facebook.

The new Golf Caption Henrik Friis says:

“10 tournaments is planned for the season 2020/2021 and we have confirmed sponsors for 3 of the tournaments already and I would especially like to highlight Wissen & Co Ltd. For jumping in as a sponsor for our first Tournament.”

“The Wissen & Co Cup 2020 will be held on 29th August 2020 at Thana City Country Club.”

If you would like to know more about Henrik or the Scandinavian Golfing members, please join the first tournament on the 29th August.

“The bigger change is that we plan to have a 4 Nation Team competition between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, we are still working on the details of the formats but we plan that 3-4 players from each Nation earns stableford points to compete for the annual Championship Title which will be settled in June 2021 at the last tournament of the 2020/2021 season.”

“Financials of the TGNS is currently stretched a little but we have been lucky to have Wissen & Co ltd to sponsor the first tournament as well as we have got financial support from Scandinavian Society as well as Jebsen & Jessen to start-up again, but we need sponsors for some of the up-coming tournaments to make it more fun. I am currently working on sponsorship packages etc, but if you know of any companies or a group of individuals that would like to sponsor a Tournament, please send me the contact details and I will be happy to reach out. I know it is hard times for many companies and people, but if we all can help I am sure we can find a way forward.”

“What can you do as a member of Scandinavian Society Siam and Thai Nordic Golf Society? First of all, you can show up, play Golf and have fun – that is what Golf is all about. Secondly, we kindly ask you to help to get new Golfing friends and members by inviting fellow Thai Nordic Golfers to join. It is the members that make a society fun, not the board.”

“If you have more time on your hands we would be pleased to receive help finding sponsors and coming up with other ideas than can make our society fun.”

“Keep golfing, have fun and look forward to see many of you on the 29th August and if you have any questions, ideas etc please contact me as below.”

Henrik Friis
Golf Captain
Thai Nordic Golf Society
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 09 0651 0350


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