Sweden co-hosted in UNESCO’s handbook launching event

UNESCO launched the Khmer version of “Handbook on Journalism, Fake News & Disinformation” on 23 July 2020. Participants  were UNESCO, the Ministry of Information,Sweden representative,FOJO Media Institute, media outlets, civil society and social media activists.

The handbook provides contextual, theoretical and practical guidelines for journalists on how to practice professional and ethical journalism.

Magnus Saemundsson First Secretary and Education represented Sweden in the book launch event. Photo: Sweden Embassy Phnom Penh.

Magnus Saemundsso, First Secretary and Education Specialist was the representative from the Embassy of Sweden gave a speech at the opening ceremony:

“In a short period of time the media landscape has changed drastically. From having been traditionally dominated by printed media, radio and television social media has globally become the main source of news, information and communication. According to international statistics from January this year 58 percent of Cambodians had access to internet, mainly though smartphones.

Access to information and freedom of expression are fundamental for democracy. Media has a key role in sharing news and information and to be an arena for public discussion and debate. But many issues shared on social media are rumours and disinformation. There is an increased need to be wary of what you read, to check sources and not taking everything that is shared on social media as truth. Media literacy has never been more important. But because disinformation is common it is important to safeguard the fundamental right to freedom of expression and to find a balance between this right and how to counteract disinformation.

It is disturbing to see that the fundamental rights and freedoms of expression and media are increasingly under threat around the world. In many countries, democracy and the rule of law are being undermined, human rights violated, and their universal nature denied. Unfortunately, this negative development is ongoing in many countries. As a part of the dialogue with Cambodia on human rights, Sweden has expressed concern regarding the situation for free media and journalism in Cambodia.”

For E-book version in English and Khmer, please read here

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