Scandinavian Society Siam appeals to Nordic Prime Ministers to vaccinate their citizens in Thailand 


The Scandinavian Society Siam which since 1920 has been the association of Scandinavian residents in Thailand has sent an appeal to all the governments of the Nordic countries to follow the example of the French embassy and take matters regarding vaccination of their own citizens into their own hands. 

The letter reads:

“Dear Nordic Prime Ministers

The Nordic community in Thailand is in severe danger from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Scandinavian Society Siam is appealing to you – as you appealed to us during the 2004 tsunami disaster – for immediate help to our fellow citizens.

This time it is not the need for shelter, food, and or search for missing Nordic citizens, but the need for vaccines to prevent Covid-19 from causing more fatalities and more havoc among the Nordic citizens in Thailand.

The official vaccination program in Thailand does not include foreigners, neither elderly nor those with underlying diseases unless they have a work permit, and the many retired Nordic persons are therefore left in frustrating danger till, at best, October or, at worst, infinitely.

Our plea is Nordic cooperation to try to pave the way for the availability of vaccines for the Nordic citizens, while the Scandinavian Society Siam provides resources for planning and implementation in cooperation with the Nordic Chambers of Commerce, and the Nordic Church communities in Thailand, while private hospitals in Thailand could administer vaccinations at a reasonable low price.

Yours sincerely

Scandinavian Society Siam Association

PS! Recently the French embassy has revealed plans for vaccinating French citizens in Thailand”: See the news here

Scandinavian Society Siam was founded on March 5, 1920, and is a Thai association that mainly serves the Nordic community in Thailand. The association has been run by 100% volunteers for more than 100 years with the purpose of acting as a union between Nordic people living in Thailand, to organize social activities, to organize sports and leisure activities for those interested, to publish a Nordic Bulletin and operate a website and to give advice and guidance to Nordic people living in Thailand.

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